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Introducing: Mighty Mila

Mighty Mila by Katie Petruzziello is a children's book about a little girl named Mila, who is a CI user. The book will be published this September and it is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. As the book's illustrator Nadja Sarell is Finnish and the story hits close to home for so many of our readers, we wanted to introduce both the writer and the illustrator of the book and find out where and how they got their inspiration for Mighty Mila.
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Kuvassa teksti "LapCI ry´s new chairman Ali Ghiasi". Alhaalla Lapci ry logo.

Introducing LapCI’s new chairman Ali

This past spring the LapCI board went through quite a few changes, as three members exited and three new ones joined the board. On top of that, we now have a new chairman as well! In this article Ali Ghiasi, our new chairman, tells us a little bit about himself, his family, his time at LapCI and shares his thoughts on the future of the organization.
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Picture text: "Early information and hearing rehabilitation: Ada's story". Underneath is LapCI ry's logo and two pictures, one with Ada's drawing and one where Ada is drawing.

Early information and hearing rehabilitation: Ada’s story

A couple of months ago we conducted a survey among parents of children with hearing loss, in which we asked them about their experiences of the early information they received at the hospital (after their child was diagnosed with hearing loss). We also asked the survey participants whether they would be interested in sharing their stories here on our blog. First one to share snippets from their journey is Piret, who tells her daughter Ada's story.
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Opinion: Paradigm shift to a new CI identity

Ali Ghiasi is father to a Cochlear Implant (CI) recipient daughter. In this article, he expresses his views on some polarizing conversations that have been ongoing in the CI community regarding the CI recipients' experiences. The discourse surrounding the CI and negative experiences of some CI users often seems focused on pitting the hearing and the deaf against each other. Ali argues that we should, instead, look at the experiences of CI users as indicative of a completely new identity forming in between the two worlds.
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Guest Writer: Robert Mandara, new 1st Vice-President of EURO-CIU.

The Annual EURO-CIU Symposium was held in Wroclaw, Poland this year and Robert Mandara from Finland was selected to the board of the association. LapCI ry is a member or the EURO-CIU and works together with the European Cochlear

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Spouse of the President of Finland will be the EURO-CIU Symposium patroness

Spouse of the President of Finland will be the EURO-CIU Symposium patroness

Ulla Konkarikoski, Jenni Haukio and Pekka Lapinleimu met in the President’s official residence called Mäntyniemi.

Executive Director of LapCI ry Mrs. Ulla Konkarikoski and Executive Director

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