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The first year of membership is free for families. Then the membership fee is 25 € / family / year!

Welcome package includes:

Welcome package includes:

  • Welcome! -letter
  • The latest paper Newsletters
  • LapCI brochure
  • brochure

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  • Newsletter 4x per year mailed to your home
  • E-mail of upcoming events
  • Discount for events
  • Possibility to borrow helping devices and accessories such as Comfort Audio, Cochlear Aqua+ and MiniMic.

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Ålandsbanken 660100-1196013 (IBAN: FI03 6601 0001 1960 13). Payment reference numbers are a family membership: 1009 (25 euros / year), individual support for membership: 1025 (30 euros / year) or a community / organization supporting membership: 1041 (100 euros / year).