SI-perhepäivä – CI Family Day 24.3.2018 in Valkea Talo, Helsinki

 SI-perhepäivä – CI Family Day 24.3.2018 in Valkea Talo, Helsinki

On this lovely wintery Saturday morning, LapCI ry organised a get-together for CI-children’s families in Kuurojen Kansanopisto premises in Valkea Talo. As more and more of our members are multilingual, we thought that maybe a day in English and Finnish would be useful. On this day, the languages used were Finnish, English, Chinese and Danish. Tanja Rasmussen, a mom of two implantees and a hearing child, shared their family experiences as a mom and a professional speech and language pathologist. Her talk gave us interesting topics to discuss and share together.

We had a lovely bunch of young child carers minding for the kids. Parents could chit-chat in peace – even if some of the very youngest members kept us company after their morning naps… Our child carers were hearing aid or implant users themselves, thus serving as excellent role models for our children.  Snow and Easter were the themes of arts and crafts. The kids left for Easter celebrations with a new, handcrafted pillow case.


Thank you for all the families for joining in the CI Family Day. We hope it proved to be a fruitful moment of peer support for both CI-kids, their siblings and parents.


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